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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When hearts cared during the heart-scare!

It was a wet and cold morning
When the pain came with no prior warning
Down my neck cold sweat gushed
As for emergency care I was rushed.
My initial thoughts as to its cause, as Doctors tried to detect
Was that it must have been a heart attack!

The treatment after the ordeal
Upon admission to the Intensive Care Unit
Though not the most ideal
Was indeed comfortable I must admit.

But it weren't so much the post-operative equipment
Or the variety of prescriptions
That from my near vegetative state
Nursed me back so soon with a clean slate;
It was more the care and the concern
and the unflinching devotion
Extended by my family on 'duty'
That brought me back and altered my fate.

To my children Praveena, Priyanka and Hem Raj,
You were there when I needed you, thank you very much.
What could I say to Prema, my doting wife?
Who went the length to give me back my life?
In your efforts to mend my 'broken' heart,
You had put together your very own hearts.
And to the doctors involved in my angioplasty
Thank you again for the early recovery!


One Woman's Thoughts said...


What happened to wonderful neighbours who spent their time visiting and praying ah? very bad....

I really like the way you've narrated this post. Very touching and moving I would say. I'm sure your kids and wife would just love you more if they were reading this now.
Hrmm not forgetting your wonderful neighbours too... perhaps that Bouncy Cat as well hahahahah

Anyway great post and God Bless!! :)

aravind said...

Old incident Ipoh then.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dei, you ada kena heart attack ka?
Nice blog you have here, will be coming more4 often and will be putting up a link at my blog. Keep it up. You write very well.

Sorry for being late la, tons of work at school.

Anu said...

Lovely poem and post. Wonderfully written.

aravind said...

Thanks Anu.

aravind said...

Thanks Nazir. Encouraging words indeed.