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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Air Hostess

I turned and from across the aisle
I could see her warm face
As she walked towards me, masking a smile
With ease and steady pace
Past the evening rays of sunshine
That stole through the blind
It was a graceful figure O! yes it was
The sway of her hips, the twitch of her lips
"She must be competent" I had even thought

Afterall it had only been an accident
The meal tray that she was holding
That slipped when I knocked against her
Off her hands, spilling its contents
Soaking the gentleman's pants
before dropping to the ground to shatter!

She walked....She came....She stopped right beside me
As I looked up into her eyes
Ashamed and embarassed
But this pretty young hostess
Between twitching lips a smile to play
Charmingly shy
Without fuss but tolerance
Without fury but patience
"Let me help you Sir" was her reassuring reply.

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