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Monday, June 29, 2009

Aboard the ill fated flight

(Event is real. Story a stretch of my imagination)

Except for the chillness of the air around me
except for the eerieness of the surrounding
all was quiet, everything silent
the rain was beating
the night was still....

And as I wearilly regained consciousness
from out of the quietness
to break the endured silence
I hear a voice amidst sobs
that of a heart broken mother
crying over her deceased child pathetic!

Out of the darkness
under the dimly moonlit night
I could see a bare breasted woman
weeping....kissing her lovable husband
knowing not for one moment
that he had long been dead and gone touching!

I close my eyes and I could still remember
the last few moments of my beloved daughter
who as I stooped to gather
my dying child in my arms together
her groans sank, her eyes shut, her head dropped
she had left without another word forever very painful!

I wipe the tears that trickle
and my mind strayed off
to bring back with it the vision
of how it had all happened....
and I could see myself seated by the rear cabin window
viewing the beautiful landscape below.

All of a sudden streaks of lightning flashed
followed by rumbles of thunder
and as I felt the aircraft descending
I patted my daughter saying "Girl we are going in for landing"
Then came the fatal blow
that brought with it only a bleak tomorrow

The plane tossed and turned
glasses shattered into little smithereens
seats toppled, luggages swung lose
And all the time I consoled myself by saying
"This must be a rough landing"

Alas! It was only when my chin
from a stray seat got a painful bash
that I realised this was no rough landing
It was a tragic crash!
Thrown out away from the wreckage half baffled half dazed
I watched as the cockpit and wings went up in blaze

It was not the screams of the other passengers
that from my state of shock awoke me
It was the groan of my little daughter
gasping for breath beside me
who as I turned to gather
had left without another word forever

She had fallen into a deep sleep
from which no man could awake
Engulfing her was this dark night
a night that no morning could break
My pulse accelerated, down my spine ran a chill
My heart missed a beat, as time stood still

From the place where I lay
bruised, burnt, wounded, smeared with dirty clay
amidst ache and pain, no matter how hard I strive
this memory in me I know will be there to survive
and I solemnly wait for the rescue team to come to my aid
I, one of the few survivors of the ill-fated JAL DC8

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