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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tragedy aboard MH653

In the wake of dawn
as I rise with routines to perform
the whole nation is shocked
expressing grief and sympathy
at the grim ending
of the innocent passengers
who needlessly perished
in the tragic air disaster!

Penang Airport
4th December 1977
splendour and spree
flooded with friends
relatives, well-wishers all the same
kisses, hugs, embraces
a journey to her, a parting for him

Had they at that moment only known
friends, relatives, well-wishers all
that this parting alone
was to be no simple one.....
for it was to be this flight
with all 100 aboard
that was enroute to a gruesome destiny
to end in a dramatic air tragedy.
Existence of a lax in security
threatens and demands the authorities scrutiny
But why scrutinise now and not then?
Why wait till this bitter incident?

I close my eyes and I can vividly imagine
the last few terror filled moments
of the helpless passengers
at the mercy of the heartless hijackers....
a deep depression seizes me as my mind strays off the site of the disaster
to its marshy swampy turf
where strewn over wide acres
lay the charred remains
scattered in shattered smithereens
torn to pieces...heads..bodies...limbs!

With tear moistened eyes
heart filled with agony
no matter how hard I strive
this memory in me I know is there to survive
...of the passengers plight
aboard the ill fated flight.
It keeps coming back to me
moving me deeply, touching me hard
to the innermost depths
of my wounded heart


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Hey there,

I don't think you need anyone posting comments anymore. Your writings is really an art and not many out there who has this gift. Maybe you should consider writing a journal like an autobiography of yourself and sell it or even a collection of poetry written. Hrmm things to do when you retire hehehehe. I know you are not old. Look really young from your picture.

Anyway, back to the post I feel for the lost of those loved ones. Sometimes I wonder too as to WHY things happen this way but we cannot question God... only have to have hope and faith that everything happens for some reason.......

aravind said...

Tk u. Glad u like it.

Anonymous said...

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