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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Starting up

It kind of feels euphoric to be able to just start this damn thing. I suppose when you are not quite IT savvy, all these seems so alien. The purpose of this blog is just so that I may relive some far away moments in my life and flash back some distant places that I had passed through at some point in my life.......lest I forget them all in my old age.

Like I said, this whole blogging thingy is kind of alien to me and it may take a while for me to get on top of things. For those of you who may have intentionally or unwittingly visited this blog, though I realise its a tall expectation right now, pls note that should you leave your footprints behind in the form of comments, they will not be least not for now! The reason for this is because my Bouncy Cat who created this blog for me, has not taught me how to do that yet.

Ok. More next time. I want to see how this appears on the page.



One Woman's Thoughts said...

Dear Blogger,

Firstly congrats on your first blogging experience. I would say u rock pretty well for a first timer. Don't worry, u'd get the hang of things as time moves on.

So welcome and hope this excites you more and more as day passes.

PS : Maybe your Bouncy Cat is too busy working. You should make an appointment!! :) heheheh.

Take care God Bless and WELCOME!!!!!

Anu said...

A very interesting first post. Looking foward to reading more from you.