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Friday, September 18, 2009

Rice Bowl

It has been a while since I posted anything and my friends are curious to know why. There is no particular reason actually except that this is the festive season with Hari Raya this week and Diwali just around the corner. During this period, I usually spend a lot of time with the employees at all the company’s branches located in every State in the country to hype them up with a pep talk to keep them motivated as their workload would be especially high with increased product demand. So I really couldn’t find time to put my thoughts into paper. The rate of shelf off-take is amazing during this season. People buy up our muruku mix and cake flour like there is no tomorrow. It is a story worth telling……the story of Babas, the curry king where I head the human resource division.

The art of good eating is seldom perfected without the right use of curry powder. Baba Products shows how curry is king when it comes to breaking gastronomic frontiers.

Success may not have a surefire recipe but some of its ingredients would no doubt include copious amounts of hard-work, patience and a high premium on value. The last one is defining. Successful men know it. After all not for nothing did Albert Einstein famously say that it was prudent to try and not become a man of success. Instead it was worth becoming a man of value. What the great man meant was probably that success would follow.

In their own recipe for success, the owner of Baba Products has put a high priority on value. Some 32 years ago when the company started to manufacture a variety of curry powder, the owner had to go door to door to sell and popularize his stuff. It wouldn’t have been easy especially since he came from humble beginnings. The fear of mediocrity remained a constant companion which is the reason why through all these years of initial struggle and hardship, the quality of the end-product has never been compromised. That one value more than anything else helped build his customer base, brick by brick, and shaped the reputation of the company. It also helped position Babas as a top product in the spice genre in Malaysia.

Established in 1976, Baba Products currently successfully markets 33 different products to most parts of the world. I am proud to be a part of this home grown brand that in many ways is still in its infancy and is slated for even greater growth…….so long as people don’t stop eating!

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Tok Jack said...

I am sure they must be proud of the malays fond of saying 'pekerja mithali'but i would be angry and annoyed if they don't pay u well for this ramadan promtion.anyway, nandre ellarkum en wanakum pader Hari Raya Aidil Fitri nal waztukkal.God bless & take care