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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Name : Prabakaran a/l Velayuthum
Relationship : Brother
Date of Birth : 11-02-1949
Marital Status : Single
Date of Demise : 23-09-1974
Leaving behind, among others
Parents : Velayuthum & Leela
Sisters : Susi, Sumathi & Vanaja
Brothers : Ashok & Aravind

When you were here
Loneliness was just a fairytale to me
And how I laughed when people
Tell me they are lonely
Because I never thought
Loneliness was something
A human heart could feel…….

……..but loneliness
Was what you left me when you were gone
And loneliness turned out to be
A thing too real and hard to believe
And every dream I dream of you
Tells me……
Loneliness is the hardest thing to go through…….
……what more without you.

(He is the object of my article titled "The Turning Point" published on 30-7-09)


Kata Tak Nak said...

I lost my eldest brother 2 years ago and everytime I do to his house which is quite often, the atmosphere is just different.

Anonymous said...

Out of the blue, I received an email from Ravi and this is the first time, I can offer my condolences to the family for my long time friend and classmate from the late 60s,late Prabakaran,Ravi's brother.We parted after our Form Five,although met a few times, before I left to the UK for studies.Some years ago, during my trip back I heard the sad news through a co-friend and classmate Anthony, I was never quite sure.I am so sorry to have lost such a close friend.May God bless the departed soul and give peace.

Gurcharan,United Kingdom