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Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

4th September had always been a special day for me ....a day that I have everything to thank for. Its my wife's birthday. In more ways than one, it may not be far fetched to state that she is the reason why I'm still around and kicking. She is probably the only correct decision that I had made independently in my life.
Thank you Darling & Happy Birthday!


suba said...

happy birthday prema

Tok Jack said...

I beleived 1 million % what Ravi was telling.He's lucky to have u. Sweet & humble lady.Its a pleasure to have met and knowing u.The 1st time I saw u was in Ipoh on a stage in a hall going thru d rituals of marriage with Ravi and of course recently in Rawang.Zuriah & I like to wish u a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Take care & God bless

Tok Jack said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jalil & Zuria, it means alot. Good day.


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Aunty Happy Belated birthday.
Uncle, MGR neneppu la u :p