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Monday, July 20, 2009

Outward Bound School......towards self discovery!

Alone……. along the beach
The waves gushing
Against the shore
An occasional hoot
From a distant boat
To break the silence…..
….As the sun wanes
out of eye’s reach.

Expeditions are over
Activities have ended
How I completed them
I ponder…even wonder
The agony…. toughness
The near torture….the sadness
And then I realize
That man discovers himself
Only when put to test
Under stress
And duress.

And I muse to myself
Because amidst all the pain
After all the strain
You finally realise
That if mind and heart are set
There will be no regret
...but only gain.

Determination, willingness
Confidence, sacrifice
And a little ability to lead
Are all one needs
To compete....
And complete the course
Yet it takes man 25 days
With merit in hand
A smile on the face
To discover

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