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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cutie Pie

This picture was taken during Thaipusam this year in Butterworth. We were all in a restaurant having lunch when we placed my grand-daughter Kalavitha in the baby’s chair. What you see of her is she screaming her head out that she wants to come out of it. Holding her is my last daughter Priyanka, named so as she was born in the same year that Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. His daughter is also named Priyanka.


Anu said...

Very cute!

Simple Cathy said...

Someone's back in the blogging scene... NIce to see your post updated uncle...

Kalavitha baby is so cute just like Praveena... She must have counted all your white hair to have given that excited laugh/smile uncle :) heheheh

Pri looking good too..

Missing u guyz so much. Still feeling under the weather... will visit when i'm better

Cathy @ Bouncy Cat hehehe