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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Passage of Time

These are pictures taken with my brother Ashok who lives in Butterworth. One was taken in November 1976 while the other was in October 2009, 33 years later. I wouldn't refer to the changes in our features as transformation....more so they are the damages caused to the human body due to the realities of life as we traversed through the passage of time! (Notice the bell-bottoms. It was the fashion of the day then. You could even attach stilts to your shoes to appear taller and no one would have noticed).

As we pass through this life
At an early stage we often wonder
If the world will be what
We perceive it to be

As we grow older
We change those perceptions
But the world stays
As true as it ought to be


Anu said...

Nice pictures...both of them!

aravind said...

Tkx Anu. Hvnt seen anything new from ur side for a while now.
And Suresh, tks for ur comment but Im sorry Im unable to get it uploaded onto my page. Im not sure if its bcos u sign off as anonymous. Let me see if i can fix it. Pls bear with me for a while.

Anu said...

I've been equally busy and equally lazy. I just updated some photos of KK just now. :)