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Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Hem Raj

(Hem Raj, as he was, at 2 years old)

“Time and tide waits for no man” an old adage goes. They also say that “time flies”. And so it has been with me. It feels so recent when my son was born. I still vividly remember our first encounter when I went to cradle him at the old Butterworth hospital where he was born. It also seems fairly recent when he completed his primary, went on to secondary and is now in varsity doing his tertiary. And when you flash back on all these events, you suddenly realize how long it has been since his birth……….. as he celebrates his 24th birthday today.

It is either that time appears to be flying by………….. or I am trying to delay my aging process by imagining that it isn’t.

Happy Birthday Hem Raj.


Tok Jack said...

Happy B'day son.Study hard.Go easy on the fish.

Anu said...

Cute picture! Happy Birthday to him.

Simple complicated Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Hem... hopefully this year you talk to me more lol

aravind said...

Thank you all. I will relay the message to him. He will get to see the comments when next he visits my blog. He is on semester break now.

Old Mcdonald said...

Thanx dad